Frequently Asked Questions

The Be Active Every Day Challenge for 2018 is over. Check back in 2019 for next year’s campaign!

What grades are targeted, typically?

BAED is targeted to kids aged 5-11 years old - Kindergarten to Gr 5/6.

What if we have a split class, or kids older than 11?

It is not uncommon to have split classes in schools and sometimes there are children older than 11. While Be Active Every Day is targeted to kids aged 5-11, it is not exclusively for this group. Children in split classes are welcome to join in the fun!

How many kids/classes should I work with?

Feel free to work with as many kids as suits your schedule and you are comfortable with. Choose a class, a grade, or the whole school – it's up to you.

What do I say?

Doctors of BC will provide you with an event package that includes speaking notes you can work with.

Is it possible to find out if one’s local school already has a participating doctor, or to find out if they’ve done the program previously?

Yes. Please use the registration button to get in touch, click here...

How do Be Active Every Day Schools and Doctors get paired?

Connections happen a few different ways:

  • Doctors already have a connection to a school (friends, family kids go there for example) and
    • Approach the schools themselves, or
    • Ask Doctors of BC to approach the school on their behalf
  • Doctors have no school ‘attachment’ (they live near a school, but don’t know anyone there) and:
    • Approach the schools themselves
    • For GPs, their Division of Family Practice can approach the school on their behalf
    • Doctors of BC approaches the school on their behalf, or
    • Schools approach Doctors of BC with interest, and we work to find a doctor near them

I have a school, now what?

Use the web registration form to sign up for this year’s event, click here…

How much time do I need to commit?

The initial presentation at the starts of the month averages 45-60 minutes, and the follow up at the end of the month averaging 30-45 minutes.

How many kids do I meet with? One class? An entire school?

Yes! The challenge can be scaled up or down depending of the number of students you meet with. Just keep in mind that larger groups will need more time in the presentation.

For more information contact:

Patrick Higgins
Communications Coordinator

Doctors of BC
T 604 638 8744   F 604 638 2915   TF 1 800 665 2262